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BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch 1.666

This is a personal project, you cannot sell it & i do not assume any responsibility.

The official home for this patch is: The Cooperative Games Database.

The hosting of this patch is only allowed to: The Cooperative Games Database.

If you download this patch from another site, send me a private message over The Cooperative Games Database Forums.

For more information and support, you can contact me over the forums aswell.

Just try to enjoy playing with Rayne.

What does this sofware ?

It adds the following enhancements to BloodRayne 2:
  • FSAA (All the AA modes are supported).
  • Custom Resolution & Aspect Ratio.
  • Custom Refresh Rate & VSync.
  • Multiple speed & memory optimizations.
  • Enhanced Dynamic Shadows.
  • Enhanced Dynamic Reflections.
  • Enhanced Aura Vision (with Perlin Noise).
  • Enhanced Blood Pools Reflections (with Perlin Noise).
  • Enhanced Water Transparency (with Perlin Noise).
  • Enhanced Blood Fields (with Perlin Noise).
  • Enhanced Wave Pools (with Perlin Noise).
  • Enhanced Glass Transparency (with Perlin Noise).
  • Enhanced Fog (with Perlin noise).
  • HUD Resize.
  • High Definition Textures Support !!! (for the BloodRayne 2 HD project).
  • Texture Compression with Built-in Multi-Threaded Memory Manager.
  • Multi-Threaded SSE3 Assembler Optimized Effects.
  • Custom Perlin Noise Benchmark Tool.
  • Logitech G15 LCD support.
  • Fix for the black screen cut scenes.
  • In-game OSD to change the options of the patch, on the fly.
  • External Configuration Tool for the options of the patch.
  • Multi-GPU CUDA Support for the Perlin Noise.

Supported BloodRayne 2 Versions

  • Retail (CD/DVD & US/international).
  • Demo.
  • Steam (avoid the steam community interface, it causes problems with the patch).
  • The patch should work with other online distribution versions of the game aswell.

How to install/use this software ?

  • Download the last version of the patch from CoopDB.
  • Extract the content of the package (with winrar).
  • This will create a folder called "BR2 FSAA Patch 1.666".
  • Open this folder, and copy all the files to your BloodRayne 2 main folder.
  • Launch the game as usually, and enjoy your gaming session !
  • The Steam folder is: <Your Steam Base Folder>\steamapps\common\bloodrayne 2
  • Overwrite all the files if asked.
  • Use the Configuration Tool (br2fsaaConfig) to configure the options of the patch.

    You need the .NET Framework 2.0 to run the Configuration Tool.

How to use the in-game OSD ?

During the game, you can use the following keys to interact with the OSD:
  • F1: Help / Status.
  • F2: Configuration Menu.
  • F3: HD Textures On/Off.
  • F5: Soft Reset.
  • F6: Hard Reset.
  • F7: Reload Config.
  • F8: Flush HD Textures.
  • F9: Debug HUD On/Off.
To interact with the configuration menu:
  • Cursor Keys: Menu Navigation.
  • Page Up: Previous Value.
  • Page Down: Next Value.
  • Enter: Apply Changes.
  • When you switch from the game to the desktop (alt-tab), the patch reloads the config from your br2fsaa.ini file.
  • If you have used the configuration menu, it will keep the values that you have modified.
  • The configuration menu does not save the changes to your br2fsaa.ini file.
  • If you press F7, the patch will reload the values from the br2fsaa.ini file.
  • To make the changes permanent, use the Configuration Tool (br2fsaaConfig.exe).
  • The OSD is useful to test your values, to play with the perlin effects, to check the speed in real time, ... you even can change the resolution on the fly.

How to install/use the HD textures ?

  • Download the ACT1 Base Package, and the ACT2 Base Package from CoopDB
  • Extract the content of the packages (with winrar) into your BloodRayne 2 main folder.
  • Launch the game as usually.
  • If you want to use your custom br2fsaa.ini from previous versions, add the following lines to your br2fsaa.ini (or use the Configuration Tool to add them):

    rayneHD = 1
    resource =
    resource =

Fix for the Cut Scenes

If you are one of the users who had the -black screen with sound- problem, during the cut scenes, you can try my fix. To install it, follow these steps:
  1. Load the Configuration Tool, and go to the 'Cut Scene' tab.

  2. Click on -Install The NEW cutscene.dll-

  3. Select the external video player that you want to use to play the videos.

    I strongly recommend to use VLC.

  4. Select the path to your video player. The tool will try to find it. If you see a blank text box, you must enter the path manually.

  5. Enter the params that your fav video player needs to start to play a video in fullscreen, and to exit after the playback.

  6. Click on -Test Configuration-. You should see a video from the game.

  7. If you watched the video ok, click on -Write Configuration To cutscene.ini-

  8. If you cannot make it work, click on -Restore The Original cutscene.dll-

How can you get the maximum image quality in BloodRayne 2 ?

I strongly recommend to use these options:
  • Force Anisotropic filtering to 16x
  • Vertical Sync to Application
  • Set Texture Filtering to High Quality
  • Turn off Trilinear Optimizations
  • Turn off Anisotropic Filter Optimizations
  • Turn off Anisotropic Sample Optimizations
  • Set Negative LOD BIAS to 'Clamp'
  • Force Mip-Maps to Trilinear
  • I highly recommend to use SSAA 2x2 with the HD textures (superior texture filtering quality, and free of visual artifacts).
  • In the past, the patch included profiles for nHancer, but, this tool is outdated and it does not work anymore with the new nVidia drivers.
  • I recommend to use the nVidia Inspector Tool to configure these advanced options of the driver.

On my old system:
  • Xeon 3350 @ 3.6 GHz (450x8) / ASUS Rampage Formula X48
  • 4x1GB OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Reaper CL3 @ 900 MHz 3-4-4-15
  • ASUS EN8800GTX (615/1500/2200) / Samsung SyncMaster 275T 27" 1920x1200
Using my recommended image quality options:
  • 1280x1024 (without my patch, and without FSAA): 180 fps
  • 1280x1024 (with my patch, and with MSAA 4x on): 210 fps !!!
Using the HD textures, and all the enhancements with full quality:
  • 1920x1200 (MSAA 4x): 100 fps
  • 1920x1200 (SSAA 2x): 50 fps

Perlin Noise Benchmark Tool (lower is better):
  • Xeon 3350 @ 3.6 GHz:

    Single Core: 5.50s / SSE3: 2.55s
    Dual Core: 2.75s / SSE3: 1.29s
    Quad Core: 1.38s / SSE3: 0.65s

  • C2Q Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz:

    Single Core: 9.26s / SSE3: 5.95s
    Dual Core: 4.65s / SSE3: 2.99s
    Quad Core: 2.32s / SSE3: 1.51s

  • C2D E6750 @ 2.6 GHz:

    Single Core: 8.60s / SSE3: 5.52s
    Dual Core: 4.45s / SSE3: 2.88s

  • A64 X2 4400+ @ 2.75 GHz:

    Single Core: 11.84s / SSE3: 6.82s
    Dual Core: 6.03s / SSE3: 3.48s

Performance Analysis:

  • Standard textures:

    44.3% of the time limited by core clock (2.73M cycles)
    14.2% of the time limited by shader clock (2.05M cycles)
    41.5% of the time limited by BW (384 MB)

  • HD textures:

    30.3% of the time limited by core clock (3.38M cycles)
    69.7% of the time limited by BW (1169MB)

  • Get the gfx card with the highest possible memory bandwidth !!! (512bit GDDR5 ;)
  • Any Dual Core CPU is enough to enjoy the Perlin effects. A Quad Core will smooth the animation of the effects.
  • The fastest card to run the game is the GTX 285, which is faster than my actual GTX 480.
  • As you can see in the benchmarks, the game is hugely bounded by the texture filtering performance (which is bound to the memory bandwidth that fills these units), so the GTX 285 with 80 texture sampling units is faster than the GTX 480 with 60 units only, because the memory bandwidth is very similar in both cards.
  • Nvidia forgot the Amdahl's law in the GTX 480 ;)

Video Memory Usage

The Configuration Tool will tell you the amount of video memory that your selected options will need. If you use more video memory than the available in your gfx card, the game will run really slow or crash on launch.

Future Enhancements

- The project is finished.

- I can provide tools and information if you want to add more HD textures to the project.

Known Problems

- Mode 2 for true widescreen gaming, never will work perfect. The engine of the game is still rendering at 4:3 resolution, therefore, it doesn't send the objetcs that are outside of the camera, to the render pipeline, and we're opening the FOV of the camera. Anyway, it isn't a big problem, and you still can enjoy a very cool widescreen gaming experience. A friend tested the patch with ATI's Eyefinity, and he told me that it worked perfectly with a 3 screens setup ;)

- Black screen with sound during the cut scenes in some systems (check the fix for the cut scenes).

Version Changes

0.1 - Initial Beta Test.
0.2 - Fixed a bug when the game was going to save, the screen was black.
0.3 - First public release.
0.4 - Added custom resolution setup & aspect ratio fix.
0.5 - Fixed a bug with some transform matrixes.
0.6 - Second public release.
0.7 - Added higher quality dynamic shadows & reflections.
0.8 - Fixed a bug in the shadow detect code & other minor bugs.
0.9 - Third public release.
1.0 - 4th public release. Added enhanced blood pools, transparent water, blood fields & aura vision. Some speed optimizations & minor options. Introduced the configuration tool.
1.1 - Video Memory Optimizations. Added more AA modes & AA compatibility options. Fixed some weird bugs.
1.2 - Speed Optimizations. Added resize HUD options, and back buffers count options.
1.21 - Fixed a bug with the HUD resize options. Added Boss HUD resize.
1.4 - Added custom shader programs that enhance the wave pools, water & blood fields. The new shaders use reflection, perlin refraction & bump mapping techniques.
1.41 - Added vSync support & a Configuration Wizard. Fixed a memory leak.
1.5 - HD Textures Support. Texture Compression. New SSE3 code. In-game OSD. G15 Support. Full Screen Size Effects. More memory leaks fixed. More optimizations. New AA method. Fix for the cut scenes.
1.51 - More fixes for the cut scenes.
1.56 - Added enhanced Blood Pools & Aura Vision, with Perlin Noise effects. 33% faster shader programs (for the effects of the patch only).
1.57 - Multi-GPU CUDA Support (Experimental).
1.58 - Enhanced Glass Support & final CUDA support.
1.6 - Final public release. Goodbye & Thank you !
1.666 - Fixed a rare issue with the HD textures not working in some cases.


Enhanced Dynamic Reflections

Enhanced Dynamic Shadows

Enhanced Aura vision

Enhanced Aura vision with Perlin Noise

Enhanced Blood Fields

Enhanced Blood Pools Reflections

Enhanced Blood Pools with Perlin Noise

Enhanced Water Transparency

Enhanced Blood Fields

Enhanced Water

Enhanced Wave Pool

Enhanced Fog

Enhanced Glass

HD Textures


There is a lot of people who have helped me during the development of the patch & the HD textures.

It's hard to remember all of you, so, if i miss somebody, my apologies.

  • Trent: We have shared a lot of time together creating a lot of HD textures for the project, he created the HD Rayne skins, he runs the GVZ site, he met Kristanna Loken in person, and we are very good friends. Thank you my friend.
  • Bela: I learnt a lot from you about photo-editing, and we had a very good time together working in a lot of textures. Thank you very much.
  • ManiaVampire: You did the last push to the project to finish the ACT2, and thanks to you i keeped working in it aswell. Thank you very much for your effort.
  • Vlara: Thank you very much for your contribution to the project.
  • Claudia: Thank you very much for your contribution to the project.
  • Jay: I appreciate the effort that you did to run the br2hd site. Unluckily the project did not succeed due to the slow progress. Thank you very much, and my regards to Amber ;)
  • Darkgene: Thank you very much for the moral support, my friend.

About the HD Textures

You cannot use the textures of this pack for your works, cause the sources belong to their owners.

Several sites have been used to create the HD textures, and i would like to credit them properly:
  • CG Textures

    Some source textures have been used that are copyrighted by Permission to use these specific textures has been granted to to the author of this texture pack. Textures downloaded from DO NOT are copyrighted and may not be distributed without permission.

    Thank you very much for the permission to use your excellent materials.

  • Openfootage

    This site has excellent building materials. I discovered it late, but i'm going to use it for the next ACTs.

    Thank you very much for your really awesome site.

  • Morgue File

    Thank you very much.

  • Image After

    Thank you very much.

  • Mike Pan

    Thank you very much.

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